ThunderShirts help dogs stay calm during crazy rainstorms. At first I was skeptical, but now, I’ve seen how powerful they are firsthand. (A friend of mine owns two German Shepherds that insist on sitting directly on top of her during thunderstorms. They’re scared of thunder and lightning. So if she wants any sleep that night, the ThunderShirts go on.) On the brand’s website, I noticed a ThunderShirt model just for cats. But does it actually work? Let’s find out!

What the Internet Says About Putting A ThunderShirt On Your Cat

The first thing I stumbled across when Googling “cat in a ThunderShirt” was this hilarious video:

Okay, but what’s the deal here? I’ve seen dozens of “ThunderShirt before and after” success videos for dogs, such as:

Bizarre. How can something work so well to calm anxiety issues in dogs, but act as a tranquilizer dart for cats? I’m very confused! I mean, this is a known, successful product invented by none other than the famous Dr. Temple Grandin. That’s right: Temple Grandin, inventor, genius and noted Doctor of Animal Science. The scientific basis for a ThunderShirt seems pretty simple. It’s called DPT, also known as Deep Pressure Therapy. People with ADHD or anxiety issues can also benefit from DPT. If you’ve ever had a friend rave about their weighted blanket, then there you go. That’s DPT helping your friend stay calm, sleep better, etc. In fact, schools often recommend weighted vests that provide DPT now for autistic students and kids with ADHD. It helps them stay focused on their lessons throughout the school day.

Um, getting back to the “Cat in a ThunderShirt: Good idea, or bad idea?” question…

Do Any Positive Reviews Exist From Cat Owners That Tried ThunderShirts?

Next up, I decided to look for positive reviews. Surely one cat owner posted a gushing review of how the ThunderShirt helped with anxiety? Here’s one unboxing and review video from an owner with a deaf, anxious cat:

Well on the plus side, this cat managed to get the ThunderShirt on and function almost normally afterwards. Next, I checked popular pet website, According to their survey of over 2,000 customers, more than 80% of anxious cats showed improved symptoms using a ThunderShirt. Okay, that’s more reassuring! Still, this did not convince a few of my cat-owning friends. “I dunno man, my cat hates when I try to put outfits on him,” said Josh. “That looks like abuse to me,” agreed Eric. Ultimately, I think the best thing about the ThunderShirt’s effect on cats might just be all the hilarious gifs:

Cat: 0 ThunderShirt: 1
ThunderShirt: the official off switch for cats
Pretty obvious this kitty’s not a fan